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Ariadne's Mitos

Each bag is carefully designed and crafted from genuine leather with love and dedication. Every bag is unique, as it is cut and stitched entirely by hand, offering a one-of-a-kind piece for your collection. Available in modern colors such as grey and pink, adding style and sophistication to every ap..
A poncho in shades of gray, adorned with sequins for a glamorous and modern style. This poncho offers a striking appearance that stands out while providing warmth and comfort. Wear it with style to add a touch of sparkle to your look.The model is 1.70cmOne Size..
Asymmetrical vest with a unique design and style, made from 100% wool. This exceptionally luxurious piece combines the warmth and softness of natural wool with a one-of-a-kind design that will make you stand out.Composition: 100% WoolThe model is 1.70cmOne Size..
Handcrafted hooded scarf made from soft wool in shades of red, composed of 56% wool, 40% acrylic, and 4% viscose.One Size..
Handmade Beanie in black color, made from high-quality wool.Composition: 100% Wool..
Black Knitted beanie with Shades of Gray-BlueComposition: 100% polyacrylic..
Handmade scarf in black color, made from high-quality wool.Composition: 100% WoolDimensions: Approx. 200x24 cm.The model is 1.70cm..
Handmade Scarf and Beanie in black color, made from high-quality wool.Composition: 100% Wool..
Black Knitted Scarf with Shades of Gray-BlueComposition:  100% polyacrylic..
The soft mauve pink shade in this alpaca cardigan creates a sense of warmth and elegance. It is a high-quality piece that highlights the natural feel of alpaca, offering exquisite softness and comfort.The mauve pink hues form a unique and refined style, accentuating a feminine aesthetic. The combina..
A knitted beanie in deep purple shade with fuchsia trim. The contrast between the deep purple and the fuchsia creates a unique piece that can elevate your style, catering to your individual taste.Composition: 80% Polyacrylic - 20% WoolDimensions: Approx. 185x27 cm.The model is 1.70cm..
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