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Women's Set

Women's Set
A knitted scarf in deep purple shade with fuchsia trim. The contrast between the deep purple and the fuchsia creates a unique piece that can elevate your style, catering to your individual taste.Composition: 80% Polyacrylic - 20% WoolDimensions: Approx. 185x27 cm.The model is 1.70cm..
A handmade knitted cape in lovely shades of pink, gray, and cyan. This handmade piece is the perfect accessory to keep you warm and stylish on any occasion.Composition: 55% Wool - 45% AcrylDimensions: Approx. 205x50 cm.The model is 1.70cmOne Size..
A knitted loop scarf made from soft furry yarn with glitter details.Composition: 100% PolyesterDimensions: Approx. 140x30 cm.The model is 1.70cm..
Handmade scarf with braid made from soft wool with a white base and pink-khaki shades.Composition: 100% polyacrylicDimensions: Approx. 140x30 cm.The model is 1.70cm..
An elegant, handcrafted knitted scarf with 'bubbles,' featuring a color combination of sky blue and brown shades.Composition: 60% Wool - 40% Polyacrylic.Dimensions: Approx. 230x28 cm.The model is 1.70cm..
A knitted scarf in light gray shade, with various stitches that give it a unique design. This accessory provides both warmth and style, while the different stitches make it stand out and impressive. Ideal for adding a touch of style to your winter look.Composition: 60% Wool - 40% Polyacrylic.Dimensi..
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