Here's how it's done!

First knit or crochet, then wash and felt.

The bags are first crafted in oversized form using felting wool.

Then into the washing machine! Preferably with towels in similar colors, and simply wash with detergent. Choose, if possible, a 60-degree short wash (about 1 1/4 hours including spin cycle), but not an eco or delicate program. Liquid detergent is very suitable. Since every washing machine has different programs, you can make a small knitting sample from wool scraps and wash it experimentally beforehand. This way, you'll find your optimal washing program and the felt effect you desire. Do not fill the machine completely and add 2 towels for protection against discoloration (available at the drugstore). During washing, the bag shrinks by about 20 to 30%, usually more in length and slightly less in width.

The finished felted bag is stuffed with crumpled paper in its damp state to achieve the desired shape. With strong pulling and stretching, you can still influence the size.

Let the bag dry!