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03 Feb Here's how it's done
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Here's how it's done! First knit or crochet, then wash and felt.The bags are first crafted in oversized form using felting wool.Then into the washing machine! Preferably with towels in similar colors,..
01 Feb Large Scarfs: Size Matters
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Maxi scarfs are wonderful companions, highlighting a fashionable accessory that can quickly replace a jacket during travels and elegantly ward off a cool breeze. Hand-knit scarves and shawls are extre..
24 Oct Knits as a Style Statement
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Handmade knits are not just functional but also a fashion trend. Each knitted piece is unique and can reflect your personal style. Whether it's a warm knitted beanie, a modern knit sweater, or an eleg..
22 Oct The Creators of Handcrafts
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Behind every handcrafted knitted piece is a creator with a passion for the art of knitting. These talented artists create pieces that brighten our everyday lives. Support them and discover the magic o..
20 Oct Weaving with Love
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Handcrafted knitting is more than just a skill; it's an expression of the love and care you put into creating each piece.From choosing the materials to the design and the final result, the process of ..
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